Multi-Cultural Magic Face and Body

“By maintaining cultural sensitivity with each market and exceeding expectations when it comes to the product, brands are achieving uninterrupted success.”

Global Cosmetic Industry Magazine

Suggested Uses:

  • Apply as a base product under foundation
  • Apply as a lightweight foundation for a natural look
  • Apply to the body as a sun protection product

The Trend

Diversity, UV Protection, Hyperpigmentation

As consumer markets grow, skin care brands are clamoring to provide products that are effective across a diverse range of skin tones—and this is a particularly hot topic when it comes to environmental defense. Cosmetics Design Europe reported that diversity has been a key focus for many brands, and it also presents a chance for new innovations as beauty brands extend their product lines to be all-inclusive. To reach a multicultural audience, brands must address consumers’ top health and beauty concerns, including hyperpigmentation and environmental protection. Consumer trend data from Mintel shows:

Brand Impact

“By maintaining cultural sensitivity with each market and exceeding expectations when it comes to the product, brands are achieving uninterrupted success,” says Global Cosmetic Industry Magazine. The efficacy of mineral sunscreens in protecting against UVA radiation and preventing hyperpigmentation is well known, but the challenge is to provide a sun protection product that doesn’t leave behind an unwanted residue or create a “ghosting” effect on darker skin tones. And in the US, 40% of makeup users ages 25-34 are frustrated by products that don't match their skin tone. Brands must offer environmental protection formulas specifically geared toward a multicultural audience, and products must be available in tints that match a range of skin tones. Products should also contain driving consumer claims, including anti-aging and moisturization. By combining the immediate beauty benefits of a cosmetics product with the effective UVA and UVB protection of a skin care product, your brand can stand out with an all-in-one multicultural solution. Consider these growth numbers:

  • Total revenues of the US skin care market are expected to reach nearly $11 billion by 2018, with face creams alone projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4,9%, making them a leading source of revenue for skin care brands.
  • NPD group reported a 7% sales increase for makeup and skin care products with SPF over the past two years, corresponding to $1.4 billion dollars in sales from June 2015 to May 2016. Makeup and skin care products with higher SPF claims experienced more rapid growth than those with lower SPF claims, and for good reason – skin aging, including hyperpigmentation, is exacerbated by UV radiation.

The Offer

Patented, non-ghosting mineral sunscreen; Multi-cultural formula; Pollution defense technology


There’s a reason we call it “magic”: Multi-Cultural Magic Face and Body is a medium-weight moisturizer that offers comprehensive environmental protection and anti-aging claims in a formula specifically designed for darker skin tones. This product comes as a tinted, 100% mineral sunscreen, which can double as a lightweight color corrector, or as an untinted mineral sunscreen.

Solésence technology-enabled claims:

  • Patented, medium weight, anti-aging and protective moisturizer for the face and body
  • Luxurious, silky, non-ghosting texture provides a glamorous product experience
  • In a clinical study after one day of use1
    • 100% of users experienced over a 40% increase in skin’s moisture levels in just one hour
    • 100% of users experienced an immediate reduction in water loss, with 90% maintaining the reduction for 8 hours, demonstrating an improvement in skin’s barrier function.
  • Zinc oxide reduces the signs of early aging, such as fine lines, blotchiness, and an uneven skin appearance
  • Broad-spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays
  • Solésence Pollution Defense Technology reduces pollution-induced free radicals by over 85%2
  • The first of its kind, Active Stress Defense Technology boosts anti-oxidant activity by as much as 200%3
  • Available tinted or untinted

Additional marketing claims available:

  • Sustainably produced squalane provides natural moisturization and anti-aging benefits while contributing to eco-responsible branding
  • Vegetable glycerin and apple extract deliver superior hydration to the skin
  • Fragrance-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Cruelty-free

(1) In-vivo clinical study conducted with 10 subjects 

(2) Ex-vivo study using cigarette smoke as a model for pollution when exposed to 1MED of UV, using porcine skin model 

(3) In-vitro measure of anti-oxidant activity after being exposed to 2MED of UV

Customize this product by adding claims:

  • Anti-aging through clinical validation
  • Added anti-oxidants