Mineral, non-nano sunscreen actives deliver elegance and claims that go far beyond traditional sun care: thats what defines the Active Stress Defense technology suite. Our patented technologies — Original Active Stress Defense™ and Kleair — give a gentle push to nature, optimizing zinc oxide and key ingredients to perform at their maximum efficacy and elegance. Working synergistically with these is Bloom™, a plant-based technology that targets HEV (blue) light.

The result: Happy, healthy, younger-looking skin.


Original Active Stress Defense™

Patented Original Active Stress Defense™ harnesses the free radical quenching power of zinc oxide to shield against UVA, UVB, pollution, and blue light, while boosting anti-oxidants. Non-nano.


Patented Kleair™ (pronounced “kl-EER”), winner of the 2022 Cosmetics & Toiletries Allē Awards in Sun and Light Protection, is zinc oxide reinvented with extremely high transparency, a more efficient response to UV, and unparalleled free radical quenching, with the benefits of Original Active Stress Defense™. Non-nano and silicone-free.


Available in select formulas, Bloom™ reduces the free radicals from HEV (blue) light by 3X. Working through the antioxidative power of plant-based flavonoid rutin, Bloom™ gives a synergistic boost to blue light protection UV performance, and free radical fighting in the skin.


Free radical quenching

Softer skin, a smooth, bright complexion, and increased tautness — it all starts with quenching free radicals.

Our Original Active Stress Defense and Kleair™ technologies intercept and quench exogenous free radicals before they enter the skin, shielding anti-oxidants and preventing lipid peroxidation far greater than standard mineral sunscreens and anti-oxidant moisturizers. With a free radical quenching ability greater than 95%, our expert formulations allow brands to provide solutions-driven UV protection and anti-pollution beauty products without the need for expensive additives.See the numbers.


Enhanced anti-oxidant power

Enjoy the health and beauty benefits of an anti-oxidant system.

Original Active Stress Defense™ and Kleair™ enhance antioxidative power by up to five times more than competitor formulas and improve the skin’s natural ability to protect healthy molecules. This innovation makes products more effective for your customers and more cost-efficient for your brand. Original Active Stress Defense™ and Kleair™ also work synergistically with Bloom™ to boost the antioxidative power of rutin and enhance blue light protection. See how it works.


100% Mineral-based UVA/UVB protection

No chemical sunscreen actives.

Our all-mineral formulas are broad-spectrum and absorb up to 99% of UV radiation, with a PFA that is 25-100% more than leading mineral sunscreens for improved protection against photo-aging. By protecting against ultraviolet-A (UVA) and ultraviolet-B (UVB), as well as pollution and blue light, the Active Stress Defense™ platform offers a truly comprehensive environmental shield.  Our products also boast greater photostability so you can be confident that your products will remain potent far longer than leading competitor products.Learn more about SPF testing. 


Pollution and blue light protection

Complete protection against indoor and outdoor pollutations.

Original Active Stress Defense™Kleair, and Bloom™ work through radical quenching and anti-oxidant power to mitigate the damage caused by pollution, blue light, and IR. Bloom™ works synergistically with Active Stress Defense™ and Kleair™ to boost a formula’s protective qualities up to 3X.


Improved active ingredient efficacy

Your hero ingredients become even more powerful.

Original Active Stress Defense™ and Kleairfacilitate the enhanced stability and efficacy of key ingredients in your formulas, including vitamin A (retinol), anti-oxidant complexes, and sunscreen actives for potent products that pack a punch. That means even your hero ingredients can get supercharged.Learn more about retinoids and SPF. 



Transparent mineral coverage

Zinc oxide reinvented to work with all skin tones.

The extremely high transparency of Kleair minimizes ghosting to make zinc oxide work for all skin tones, even in an untinted skin care productNow non-nano mineral sunscreen works for everybody. See it in action.


Prestige elegance

Elegant formulas with room for creativity.

You can finally get creative with environmental protection. Active Stress Defense™ and Kleair™ improvthe texture and sensorial experience of minerals, going beyond traditional non-greasy sunscreen to the top shelf in prestige skin care, whether your brand is positioned for clean beauty or performance. Market-ready products are offered in a variety of textures and weights to suit every brand’s story includinglightweight moisturizers, featherweightBB and CC creams, sticks, and powders.


Active Stress Defense™ INCI certification

A new standard in safety and efficacy.

Safety and efficacy are paramount, so we are particular about the ingredients we use and the ones we don’t. In addition to coming from UV, pollution, and blue light free radicals can also develop from product formulas themselves, so we invest in identifying and selecting ingredients that meet strict requirements relative tofree radical and ROS formation. Before work begins in our R&D lab, each ingredient must pass a screening and Active Stress Defense™ INCI certification for both toxicity and radical generation. 


Upcycled manufacturing

A water-free zinc oxide process and upcycled zinc.

We are always seeking new ways to be green. Our proprietary zinc oxide process is water-free, helping to preserve resources. And we upcycle zinc metal for use in making durable goods — resulting in a virtually waste-free process.