We offer three distinct paths to market, plus an option for early-stage indies.

Market-ready products

Turnkey or with components supplied

We offer market-ready, white label products with the supply of your own components (MOQ: 2,500) or turnkey (MOQ: 4,000). We have over 13 unique, trend-driven product formats that have completed SPF testing and are ready for launch. Customize design, label, and branding to make it your own, and you can get to launch as quickly as six weeks.

White label +

Customized white label products

Our White label+ program allows you to lightly customize any of our white label products. Discuss additional claims and adjustments to our formulation, customize your product format and package type, and add up to 3 claims ingredients. MOQ: 7,500.

Custom product development

Your way, from start to finish

We go beyond standard contract manufacturing to offer custom product development. With a MOQ of 15,000 units, this program is designed for those who have something specific in mind beyond what is customizable with our existing white label formats, textures, and/or claims. To see if custom product development is the best fit for you, view our short (2-minute) introduction to the custom product development process.

Brand builder program

Our brand builder program is a full-service product development partnership designed specifically for early-stage brands that want to get to market quickly while preserving their working capital for branding and other marketing efforts. Coming soon.