We’re turning sun care into the best part of a beauty routine.

Solésence was founded to enhance human wellbeing by working with brands to create and manufacture safe, effective products that promote healthy, beautiful skin. Because we believe

the future of sun care is the future of beauty™.


We develop award-winning, mineral-based environmental protection products for global and indie brands and offer a range of services from turn-key, white label products to full custom development, and everything in between.

Our skin care and color cosmetics products deliver best-in-class, mineral-based environmental protection via our proprietary Active Stress Defense™ technology — a one-of-a-kind UV, pollution, IR, and blue light shield that boosts anti-oxidants and quenches free radicals — to give beauty brands the newest innovation in skin health.

Our innovation efforts also involve generating novel formats for mineral-based, non-nano environmental protection products, including gel creams, sticks, and foams. With world-class manufacturing assets and product marketing insights, we then help brands bring these exciting products to life!

Start your sunny new experience with us.

The future of sun care is the future of beauty.

Boost your product portfolio with an all-star, zinc oxide or titanium dioxide based sunscreen product that goes beyond a standard SPF and effortlessly improves skin complexion, texture, and tone.

Every finished product passes our basic checklist:

✓ comprehensive environmental protection

✓ enhanced anti-oxidant power

✓ patented free radical quenching and prevention technology

✓ a luxurious product aesthetic and skin feel

✓ a manufacturing practice in compliance with the FDA's cGMP standards

✓ individualized education & marketing materials

✓ a cruelty-free promise

A UV and free radical shield so clever you have to feel it to believe it.

We discovered a technology that makes non-nano zinc oxide beautiful and we can’t wait to share it with you.

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