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Color cosmetics with benefits ☼ (Mineral) sun care everywhere ☼ Effortless glow

As a short-term pick-me-up with a long-term view, the pigment-with-a-purpose could be the perfect cosmetic of today and tomorrow. No longer content with just a pop of color, consumers want healthy, moisturized, and protected skin, from crown to chin — including the delicate and quick-to-age area around the eyes. At the same time, 2020 has seen an increase in consumer awareness around the need for SPF, with half of consumers now expecting skin care routines to protect them from the sun. Consumer trend data from Mintel shows:


  • Suncare has seen innovation in 2020, and now the best protection also blocks indoor pollution like blue light. At the same time, 33% of US sunscreen users are interested in sun care products with natural attributes like mineral sunscreen filters.
  • The level of SPF protection is rising as "people seek super-effective shielding from sun damage and skin cancer.” 52% of facial sunscreen users in China "are concerned that products offer poor protection."
  • Cosmetics buyers are looking for skin care claims, and skin care buyers are looking for cosmetics benefits. "The [skin care] benefits sought by younger adults reveal their inclination toward aesthetic benefits sometimes associated with color cosmetics, such as a desire to look dewy."
  • Skincare-first is hitting cosmetics: “Trends such as 'no makeup makeup' have brought to life the importance of having good skin first and makeup second." Nam Vo, the makeup artist who is credited "with helping to popularize the dewy skin look (a favorite among VSCO girls), emphasizes the importance of skincare first.”
Woman standing against a white wall, wearing universal glow


The desire for creative color play and the need for health-forward products can come together in a game-changing SPF product that rocks the skin care and color cosmetics markets. Mintel notes that "the dewy/glow trend continues to gain momentum," and advises brands to "make it easier for women to achieve this finish or promote super-glow or glass-skin finishes.” Consider these methods for how brands can adapt to meet the market:

  • Combine universal pigments with UV protection.
    Mintel suggests adapting rituals like sun protection to modern lifestyles, and the eyelids are an area largely uncatered for in the color cosmetics category. During the Covid-19 pandemic Mintel recommends that brands pique interest by highlighting claims and qualities that address Covid-19-centric issues like long-wearing and hygiene, and “call out new product claims and highlight visible areas of the face (even when a mask is worn) will succeed in addressing Covid-19- related cosmetics concerns.”
  • Glow big or go home.
    30% of consumers expect their facial skincare routine to make their skin look dewy/glowy. 50% of consumers expect their skincare routine to protect them from the sun. The short-term and long-term glow benefits can combine to make an all-start claims set that stands out from other cosmetic pigments.
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This unique, protective eye, cheek and lip pigment is a swipe of glamor and skin care in-one. The ultimate purpose-driven super-cosmetic, Universal Glow primes, blurs, and seals the skin to hide wrinkles and creases, and its creamy and luxurious texture melts to a powdery glow for a flawless finish. Broad-spectrum SPF 45+ sun protection shields the skin from UVA and UVB rays while patented pollution defense technology protects against pollution and blue light. Universal Glow also contributes to a long-term glow with boosted vitamin E and ultra-moisturization.

Solésence Active Stress Defense™ technology-enabled claims:

  • Smooth cream-to-powder pigment primes, blurs, and moisturizes the skin — including the delicate area near the eye
  • Non-nano, mineral-based broad-spectrum SPF 45+ sunscreen protects the skin from 99% of UV radiation
  • 20% non-nano zinc oxide offers a therapeutic benefit to the skin
  • Reduces pollution-induced free radicals and protects against blue light (HEVL) and IR
  • Boosts anti-oxidant activity by as much as 200%

Additional marketing claims available:

  • Long-wearing
  • Non-nano, chemical-sunscreen-free, parabenfree, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free