Universal Glow

“Highlighters alone are not credited for today’s glow. Proper skincare, primers, foundations, blush and glow-enhancing drops have created a true glow revolution. Consumers now have the ability to add a boost of radiance throughout multiple steps of their routine.”

-Mintel, The future of color cosmetics, 2019 , March 2019

Suggested Uses:
• Apply to the eyelid to prime, smooth, perfect, and protect
• Apply to the cheek to soften, blur, highlight, and protect

The Trend

Color cosmetics with benefits, (Mineral) sun care everywhere, Buildable glow

The word “glow” appears 75 times in Mintel’s 2019 report “The facial of future skin care,” and for good reason: consumers want it in every step of their routine. In the short-term, that means color cosmetics with a twist; but in the long-term, that means seriously healthy, moisturized, and protected skin from crown to chin — including the delicate and quick-to-age area around the eyes. As consumers get wise about the connection between early skin aging and the need for sun protection, and as more information comes out about the impact of chemical SPF filters on global health (coral reefs) and personal health (including the recent FDA study that found chemical sunscreen in the bloodstream after use), we will see continued increase in the demand for sun care’s safest and most effective solution: mineral filters. Consumer trend data from Mintel shows:

  • 33% of US sunscreen users are interested in sun care products with natural attributes like mineral sunscreen filters.
  • Sun protection in innovative textures and formats present an opportunity in the US, and while formats like powders are niche, they can grow as long as their merits (portability, hands- and mess-free application, and multiple benefits, to name a few) are clearly advertised.
  • Consumers want products that give buildable, ‘breathable’ looks, including ‘single-swipe’ application processes.
  • Traditional cosmetic powder products have advancedin terms of the formulation and applicator, and have become multi-functional, in many cases using active skincare ingredients, extending beyond traditional use to conceal imperfections or minimize oily shine. According to Vogue UK, these new powders “give skin natural luminosity.”
  • “The glow will continue to gain more influence” and creative color cosmetics buyers can have fun with products that allow them to “create a different facial glow every day.”
  • In addition to buildable looks, consumers are looking to customize and personalize. Brands can appeal to this interest by offering the opportunity to play with color and effects in a kit or combo pack.

Brand Impact

Summary of brand impact, followed by: Consider these methods for how brands can adapt to meet the market [or similar]:

  • Bring UV protection into the eye colour market. Mintel’s 2017 Global BPC Trend Beauty Round the Clocksuggests adapting new rituals like sun protection to modern lifestyles, and the eyelids are an area largely uncatered for in the colour cosmetics category.
  • Make color cosmetics healthy. “Skincare/color cosmetic hybrids have evolved in recent years to the point where the makeup is less important than the skincare benefits the product offers,” says Mintel. Lean into category blurring in skin care and color cosmetics, and “mix quirky ingredients and tech into the glow.”
  • Glow big or go home. “New glows can be made with innovative blends from a wide variety of ingredients from both skincare and color cosmetics. Brands have theopportunity to make K-Beauty glows their own,says Mintel. “Add the glow to the popular health and wellness narrative that so many consumers seek,” says Mintel. By offering an easy, single-swipe application, consumers can boost their day or evening look with blurring and color while saving their skin from UV radiation to keep their glow in the long-term.

The Offer

Cream-to-powder eye and cheek pigment, Primes and blurs, Patented UV and pollution defense technology

 This unique, buildable eye and cheek pigment is a swipe of glamor. The ultimate multi-purpose color cosmetic, Universal Glow primes, blurs, and seals the skin to hide wrinkles and creases, and its creamy and luxurious texture melts to a powdery glow for a flawless finish. Broad-spectrum SPF 40+ sun protection shields the skin from UVA and UVB rays while patented pollution defense technology defends against pollution and blue light. Universal Glow also contributes to a long- glow with boosted vitamin E and ultra-moisturization.

Solésence technology-enabled claims:

  • Smooth cream-to-powder pigment primes, blurs, and moisturizes the skin — including the delicate area near the eye
  • Broad-spectrum SPF 40+ sunscreen protects the skin from 99% of UV radiation
  • 20% non-nano zinc oxide offers a therapeutic benefit to the skin
  • Pollution Defense Technology reduces pollution-induced free radicals and protects against HEVL (blue light)
  • The first of its kind, Active Stress Defense Technology boosts antioxidant activity, including added Vitamin E, by as much as 200%3

Additional marketing claims available:

  • 100% non-nano mineral sunscreen actives
  • Long-wearing
  • Paraben-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Cruelty-free

Customize this product by adding claims:

  • Immediate and long-term moisturization
  • Anti-aging through clinical validation
  • Energizing to enhance workout performance
  • Added anti-oxidants