How to develop a niche, solutions-driven beauty product

Looking to develop the next beauty sensation? We know it can be difficult to toe the line between timeless and trendy. And while it’s important for beauty disrupters to take risks and live in a bit of discomfort, you also want to avoid putting too much time, money, and effort into a shallow, minute-long trend.

Selling your brand-defining product should be fun and fulfilling — you just need to stay focused and avoid these two common product development pitfalls.

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Person worried about sun damage and skin aging

How to Kick Free Radicals for Good

Softer skin, a smooth, bright complexion, and increased tautness — it all starts with quenching free radicals.

Our Active Stress Defense Technology intercepts and quenches exogenous free radicals before they enter the skin, shielding anti-oxidants and preventing lipid peroxidation far greater than standard mineral sunscreens and anti-oxidant moisturizers. With a proven free radical quenching ability 2.45x greater than standard zinc oxide sunscreens, our expert formulations allow brands to provide solutions-driven UV protection and anti-pollution

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5 Questions to ask your contract manufacturer Image

Questions to ask your contract manufacturer:

Partnering with a new contract manufacturer can be a big deal. If you’re an indie brand and this is your first product, you might be focused on pricing and aesthetics — and that’s all important. But be sure to ask the tough questions about both process and support up front, so you don’t run into surprises down the road. Jot down these five questions and get down to the nitty-gritty with your new CM:

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Are UVA rays making you look old? (Yes.)

Studies conducted over the past 10 years have exposed many harmful effects of long-wave UVA rays and UV-induced free radicals. But what you might not know is that UV rays are also responsible for 80% of premature skin aging, and that nearly all skin aging for lighter-complexioned people under 50 can be attributed to sun or UV exposure. To slow or stop the process of photoaging, consumers must take proper precautions to protect against both UVA and UVB rays.

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SPF, UVA, UVB: What protection do I need?

Though we might not notice it, our bodies feel the effects of UV radiation year-round. Long-wave ultraviolet A rays (UVA) and short-wave ultraviolet B rays (UVB) penetrate the ozone layer and induce a variety of nasty reactions like sunburns and premature skin aging, and they also put us at a higher risk for diseases like skin cancer.

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