Today’s savvy consumers want sophisticated skin care products that deliver fast, reliable results. At Solésence we use cutting-edge technology to create premium products that work double-time to protect the skin from UV rays, quench exogenous free radicals, and enhance antioxidant performance—all with a classic elegance that will make your customers fall in love. We offer market-ready, white label products designed for a fast roll-out, and custom, private label skin care development.


Market Ready products to build your Brand

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Delivering Market-Ready Mineral Skin Care

Solésence White Label Products are designed to address the latest consumer trends while allowing your brand to enter the market quickly and efficiently. All of these market-ready solutions utilize our patent-protected, multifunctional mineral skin care actives.

Through our products we offer:

  • A range of textures to match your brand’s profile across multiple market categories, including instant effects skin enhancement, tone correction, anti-aging, and combination color products like BB and CC creams.
  • Enhanced protection against UV rays, photo damage, and damage to the body’s natural antioxidant system.
  • Free Radical Quenching technology that prevents free radical damage, helping to address the most prevalent signs of premature aging, including sagging or leathery skin.
  • Antioxidant Boosting technology that strengthens an antioxidant’s ability to combat oxidative stress, resulting improved skin health.
  • Other claims that help you address key areas such as moisturization, environmental protection, shine control, and tone and blemish correction.

Building Your Brand Together

Solésence helps you lead the market with claims that gain consumer trial and grow your brand. Our custom, premium formulations are built specifically for you to align with your customers’ needs and your brand’s goals. Produced under FDA cGMP requirements, we utilize digital product development tools to keep you engaged in the process of building your new product, ensuring that it is delivered on time and with the claims that help you succeed.

Your new products will:

  • Provide unparalleled broad-spectrum UV protection.
  • Enhance your market profile by utilizing patented, best-in-class skin care actives that quench free radicals and boost antioxidants to yield more rapid results,
  • Work synergistically with your existing product line to help build your market share.
  • Offer additional claims aligned with current consumer interests and your brand’s story, including anti-aging, anti-pollution, tone correcting, moisturization, and shine control.