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Healthy microbiome ☼ Blue light ☼ Aromatherapy

As the future of health and wellness comes more clearly into focus, the line between physical and mental wellbeing becomes increasingly blurred. The focus on holistic health is moving through many consumer categories, including skin care, where it has fueled consumer interest in a healthy skin microbiome, products that offer benefits to mental or emotional wellbeing, and routines that promote or reinforce their downtime, or helping aid relaxation and stress relief. Meanwhile, lasting lifestyle shifts keep consumers in front of screens before, during, and after work and school hours, and seeking to curb the impact of blue light exposure. Consumer trend data from Mintel shows:

  • After a steadily expanding conversation around the microbiome, consumers are invested, and investing, in the topic: “Consumers have an increased understanding of and appreciation for keeping all microbiomes healthy. According to a Givaudan survey conducted during the pandemic, 52% of women believe 'it is beneficial to use cosmetic products to take care [of the] skin microbiota,' which rose 22% from 2018.”
  • “As COVID-19 shapes the future of health, the microbiome offers up a wealth of opportunities for redefining beauty across categories.”
  • Gaming is a new normal: In the US, "73% of adults play video games at least a few times a week, with even higher engagement among teens and tweens (89%).”
  • “Wane of the pandemic brings optimistic enthusiasm and a desire to experiment with eco-conscious skincare rituals that improve physical and mental wellbeing.”
  • “COVID-19 has driven the concept of holistic health to new levels with a focus on mental wellbeing, as described in Mintel 2021 Global Beauty & Personal Care Trend, Beautiful Mind.”
  • Optimism is trending across both skin care and makeup: “Tapping into wellness trends are scented and aromatherapeutic formulas, forest-bathing themes and playful concepts that help distract users from woes and inspire optimism.”
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The baseline for brands is rising as consumers expect to be understood, and expect brands to anticipate and cater to lifestyle shifts and changing priorities. In skin care, this offers brands the opportunity to impress with innovative, lifestyle-aligned skin health products that match demand and deliver fun along with it. At the same time, omnichannel beauty presents brands with an almost infinite number of touchpoints across digital, virtual and brick and mortar spaces. Consider these ways that brands can adapt to meet the market:

  • Stay a step ahead on skin health.
    The blurring of skin care and skin healths means that brands can win by staying a step ahead. “Put microbiome science in skin health care," says Mintel. "The recently emerging microbiome would be one of the most suitable concepts for skin health care products."
  • Meet customers where their needs are.
    As men and women incorporate gaming into their lifestyle, there are dual opportunities in the skin care space: the clear opportunity enabled by the messaging channel, but also the blue light exposure that occurs during the activity itself. This puts skin care brands in a unique position to enter the gaming space with a pertinent message. And according to Mintel, consumers are ready to receive it: “BPC players are recognising an opportunity to market products and engage with people in the virtual gaming world while boosting sales in the real one." 
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Night-Light Blue Light Water Oil featuring Bloom™ is an untinted, air-weight "water oil" — an air-weight product that offers the texture of an oil with the delicacy of a serum. Suitable for daytime or nighttime use, this product is packed with a claims set that can be positioned as a workday must-have or a downtime treat — and it takes a downright fun approach to holistic health. Plant-based Bloom™ offers a 77% reduction in HEV (blue) light-induced free radicals, while key ingredients squalane, bisobolol, niacinimide, and allantoin calm and restore skin to promote a healthy microbiome. For added relaxation, Night-Light includes flower extracts, including lavender flower, chamomile, and rose extract. 

Bloom™ enabled claims:

  • Air-weight "water oil" feels light on skin, delivering a clean finish 
  • Reduces up to 77% of HEV (blue) light-induced free radicals 
  • Blue light shield is powered by plant-based rutin 

Additional marketing claims available:

  • Squalane, bisabolol, niacinimide, and allantoin calm restore skin to promote a healthy microbiome 
  • Lavender flower, chamomile, and rose extract can help to promote emotional relaxation 
  • Non-nano, Paraben-free, Fragrance-free, Cruelty-free