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"The desire for convenience and added health benefits in sun care resonates across regions." - Mintel


Healthy skin ☼ Glowy look ☼ Touchless touch-up

Consumers want to have it all: looking good, feeling good, and a no-fuss way to make it happen. With more consumers seeking out SPF as part of their skincare routines, and makeup's big comeback, hybrid, on-the-go multi-taskers that make a fabulous look easy also have the opportunity to make a big impact. Consumer data from Mintel shows:


Subtle shimmer spf powder smeared onto a white surface


Brands have an opportunity to help consumers achieve a short- and long-term glow with a shimmering powder that also offers a powerful, invisible, SPF re-up. There is an added bonus in hygienic, touchless components so that we can re-up on the go and feel good about it. Consider these methods for how brands can adapt to meet the market:

  • Make it easy to glow on-the-go.
    Consumers are seeking out SPF, and brands would do well to consider their consumer's lifestyle when crafting the experience. "Make reapplication a breeze with convenient, on-the go packaging and formulas that pair well with makeup," says Mintel.
  • Bring skin health to the healthy-looking glow.
    Add sun care to help consumers keep their glow long-term. "Position sun protection as a key step in a wellness routine. A healthy glow can be
    achieved without the damage of the sun's rays, and sun protection can help boost skin appearance," says Mintel. “Win over shoppers who are wary of barriers to easy sunscreen application by tapping into hybrid trends and aligning sun protection as the final step in a skincare regimen."
Subtle shimmer spf powder sprinkled on a white surface


Subtle Shimmer SPF Powder is a loose powder that helps mattify the skin to control excess oil and shine while offering a golden glimmer that makes the skin look perfectly sun-kissed, even while it's totally protected against broad-spectrum UV, blue light, and pollution. Lightweight and easy to apply, this bronzing powder is a quick and easy addition to any gym bag or beach bag, allowing consumers to carry on with their busy lives without having to make any self-care sacrifices.

Active Stress Defense™ Technology Platform-enabled claims:

  • Silky, lightweight bronzing powder helps mattify oily skin while giving skin an instant glow with a gold shimmer
  • Broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen blocks 97% of UV radiation
  • Reduces pollution-induced free radicals by over 85%
  • Protects against blue light (HEVL)
  • *If added* a super-powered anti-oxidant complex works in synergy with Active Stress Defense™ to boost anti-oxidant activity by as much as 200%

Additional marketing claims available:

  • When used as a setting powder, extends the wear of other makeup products
  • Contains anti-inflammatory benefits and offers a soothing effect to the skin, making it ideal for a post-workout or active beauty product positioning
  • Non-nano, Chemical-sunscreen-active-free, Paraben-free, Fragrance-free, and Cruelty-free