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Signature highlighter in a stick component


Makeup for mood ☼ Multi-functionality ☼ Convenience

Consumers are looking to boost their mood, and they are turning to their makeup for support. At the same time, they're looking to use their makeup to express themselves and their emotions. But products must still fit nicely into a consumer's lifestyle, and that means simplicity and convenience are critical to reach busy and overtaxed consumers. Multi-functionality can assist, helping consumers pare down extensive skincare and makeup routines, while a convenient delivery system can help them self-express or mood boost with ease. Consumer trend data from Mintel shows:

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Consumers are refining their beauty routines and looking for hardworking products that will contribute to their look in both the short- and long term. They want to have fun and express themselves, and feel great about their new purchase. Avid social sharing makes A+ products go viral quickly, which makes it important for brands to impress, both with their aesthetics as well as with their science. Consider these methods for how brands can adapt to meet the market:


  • Get creative and play the long game.
    "Cosmetic users are emerging from the pandemic tired of their old routines, ready to tap into the latest trends and explore new product innovations," says Mintel. Guide consumers with creative products that can multi-task to help them win the day. "There is a willingness to experiment, may it be with multipurpose products, emerging brands or completely new looks."
  • Show the science behind healthy cosmetics.
    Consumers are clamoring for makeup that facilitates self-expression, but that doesn't mean they stopped paying attention to the science behind their products. "Science and creativity fuel innovation within the cosmetics category as consumer expectations evolve," says Mintel.
Two shades of signature highlighter in stick components


Signature Highlighter is a super-unique super-cosmetic stick that lets consumers play with color and strobing while the product does the heavy lifting of a skin care product, helping to prevent UV rays, pollution-induced free radicals, and blue light from damaging the skin. Available in two shades for the possibility of blending, this mineral makeup miracle is sure to be everyone's new favorite.

Original Active Stress Defense™ technology-enabled claims:

Additional marketing claims available:

  • Contains Vitamin E and bisabolol, which contributes to calming sensitive skin
  • Non-nano, chemical-sunscreen-active-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free