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"45% of adults agree that their facial skincare routine should protect their skin from the environment." - Mintel


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Health and wellness, sun protection, beyond UV The Covid-19 pandemic tested — and strengthened — wellness commitments as consumers looked inward to improve their health and fitness, both
mentally and physically. The shift to outdoor yoga classes, exercise in the park and on-screen HIIT classes — much of which has stuck and integrated into our "phygital" lifestyles — has also meant a shift in skin care requirements as more consumers seek out SPF, blue light, and pollution protection. Consumer trend data from Mintel shows:

  • Broader protection (eg protection from urban pollution and blue light exposure) in sunscreen and skin protection products will attract a wider consumer base and promote higher levels of usage and frequent reapplication, maximizing results and combating unwanted skin damage.
  • 23% of Gen Z consumers don’t like how their skin looks when it’s tan.
  • 28% of category shoppers agree that it’s worth it to pay more for premium sunscreen and skin protection products, signaling opportunities to boost market sales.
  • 45% of adults agree that their facial skincare routine should protect their skin from the environment (see Facial Skincare – US, 2021).
  • Skin health continues to be top-of-mind for consumers, with 47% agreeing that they’re using skincare products more often this year because they are more concerned about their skin health/hygiene
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As consumers try to get and stay healthy, they will turn to brands that are aligned in this mission. Protection during exercise no longer means SPF, it means broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, pollution protection, and blue light protection. At the same time, the emphasis on convenience and a hygienic application cannot be overstated. Consider these methods for how brands can adapt to meet the market:

  • Get into education.
    Half of consumers expect their skincare routines to protect them from the sun, but education around product use is still needed. "As consumers better understand how frequently they need to apply products and what to look out for in terms of product specifications (eg UV or SPF rating), they are more likely to understand the benefits of preventive skincare and become more engaged with the category," says Mintel.
  • Make sun care about skin health.
    "Given the elevated level of importance being placed on skin health, category players that pivot their [sun care] strategies to incorporate and promote more skin health benefits will see success," says Mintel. Using science-backed claims and expanding protection can support this mission.
Tinted and untinted shades of protect & renew in stick component


Active beauty meets complete versatility with this unisex, protective and renewing stick that’s strong enough to provide total environmental protection while keeping pace with even though toughest workout. This silky, nonirritating formula spreads evenly on the skin and is designed specifically for use all over the face — including the delicate area around the eyes and mouth. Easy-carry an a hygienic, touch-free application makes this SPF-and more stick the perfect workout buddy.

Original Active Stress Defense™ technology-enabled claims:

Additional marketing claims available:

  • Non-nano, chemical-sunscreen-active-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free