SPF touch-ups ☼ Glow on-the-go ☼ Hands-free everything

Natural, water, dewy, hyper-glossy, honey — Millennial skin care in 2019 is all about maintaining the perfect glow. But a morning routine alone can’t sustain a look through the evening, and consumers are looking to touch up midday with fast, convenient products that feel like a mini-treat. At the same time, they’re keeping an eye out toward preventing unwanted skin aging and making an effort to keep up with regular sunscreen application. Setting powders that offer UV protection, remove excess oil, and add radiance can fill this hybrid makeup/skincare space to help consumers glow all day — after the gym, on-the-go, before a big event — without messing up makeup. Consumer data from Mintel shows:



Brands have an opportunity to help consumers re-up on their sunscreen while touching up their glow so they can keep their best look all day long. By offering a product that maximizes a morning makeup routine and saves time with quick and easy application, brands can tap into consumers' desire for glowing skin with their need for a hygienic way to reapply. Consider these methods for how brands can adapt to meet the market:

  • Make it easy to glow no matter what.
    “The benefits sought by younger adults reveal their inclination toward aesthetic benefits sometimes associated with color cosmetics, such as a desire to look dewy," says Mintel. By offering an easyapplication (and re-application) powder with UV protection, consumers can re-up their glow while they save their skin from UV radiation to keep their glow in the long-term.
  • Connect beauty with science to build trust.
    “Cosmetic brands that offer face products with multiple benefits, such as promoting skin health and helping to heal the skin while in use, will grab the attention of wellness-focused consumers,” says Mintel. And even more importantly, brands have the opportunity to win in the long-term by building trust through science. “Brands that are able to speak to consumers about the connection between skin changes and facial cosmetic choices will gain consumer trust.”


Glow All Day Setting Powder is a loose powder that helps mattify the skin to control excess oil and shine while protecting the skin with mineral-based, broad-spectrum environmental protection. Glow All Day offers all of the immediate beauty benefits of a finishing powder — silky application, immediate mattifying, line blurring and wrinkle masking, and velvet-touch effect — with all of the sun protection benefits of a traditional high-strength sunscreen, making it ideal for midday touch-ups and hygienic, on-the-go use.

Product claim highlights:

  • Silky, lightweight, loose powder for the face and décolletage gives a velvet-touch effect and delivers a translucent finish
  • Helps mattify the skin to control excess skin oil and shine
  • Broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen blocks over 98% of UV radiation without an unwanted “ghosting” effect
  • Zinc oxide protects against UVA damage to provide anti-aging benefits

Additional marketing claims available:

  • Zinc oxide contributes to a natural, safe, and clean positioning
  • When used as a setting powder, extends the wear of other makeup products
  • Contains anti-inflammatory benefits and offers a soothing effect to the skin, making it ideal for a post-workout or active beauty product positioning
  • Non-nano, Chemical-sunscreen-free, Paraben-free, Fragrance-free, and Cruelty-free