Fierce + Flawless Cushion Compact

“Brands need to communicate a Korean-inspired mystique, yet fit the concept into the daily routine for experimental young Westerners.”

–Mintel, K-Beauty: what's next?, June 2017

Suggested Uses:

  • Apply as a base under makeup
  • Apply as a lightweight foundation for a natural looking finish

The Trend

K-Beauty, Anti-Pollution & Anti-Aging

The cult of K-Beauty continues to gain momentum across the globe with innovative, youth-preserving formulations, cute aesthetics, and intuitive applications that are quick to go viral. K-Beauty has already “captured the hearts of Millennials and [the] iGeneration” with novel packaging concepts like cushion compacts and sheet masks, according to a March 2017 Mintel report. And brands should prepare for K-Beauty to boast an even greater presence on the global stage. Consumer trend data from Mintel shows:

  • A July 2017 insight, “Opportunity for multitasking makeup compacts,” highlights the growth of convenience-driven packaging that is easy to use and fits well into the on-the-go lifestyle of many consumers.
  • Anti-pollution skin care is shaping up to be the biggest skin care trend of the year as consumers become increasingly concerned about rising air pollution levels and the impact of pollutants like PM2.5, PM10, ozone, and other gases on the skin.
  • K-Beauty is all about combating environmental aggressors like UV rays and pollution with broad-spectrum sun protection and anti-pollution claims.
  • In Asia, youth preserving skin care regimens are starting earlier than ever as women in their 20s seek out anti-aging products that combat environmental stressors, according to the May 2017 report, ”Anti-aging in Asia.”
  • 30% of Chinese consumers describe their current condition as showing early signs of lines and wrinkles, while 45% of Thai men are concerned about age spots and wrinkles.
  • Moisturization is a key cosmetic claim, with beauty consumers looking for products that can quickly replenish the skin and improve the skin’s barrier function for anti-aging benefits.

Brand Impact

“K-Beauty is expanding beyond specialty large retailers (such as Sephora) and being sold in mass and pharmacy stores. This offers opportunities for K-Beauty, and K-Beauty-inspired niche brands, to entertain and capture a large consumer audience when priced and promoted accordingly,” says Mintel. To succeed, “brands need to communicate a Korean-inspired mystique, yet fit the concept into the daily routine for experimental young Westerners.” The anti-pollution trend presents a tremendous new growth opportunity for beauty brands, as does the steady growth of consumers looking for anti-aging and youth-preserving beauty products.  Consider these methods for how brands can adapt to meet the market:

  • Add total environmental protection. Almost 10% of new facial skin care products launched in 2016 made a UV claim and cited anti-pollution benefits, up sharply from roughly 3% three years earlier.
  • Give a product immediate shelf appeal with instant beauty enhancements like line-blurring and wrinkle masking effects.
  • Offer unique textures and intuitive applications to increase consumer use and engagement.

The Offer

Patented anti-pollution technology; Aesthetically-driven product texture; Superior environmental defense


Fierce + Flawless Cushion Compact is a K-Beauty-inspired makeup compact that instantly blurs fine lines and wrinkles while providing long-term, youth-preserving skin health benefits. The fun, intuitive delivery system of the airless package makes this lightweight primer/CC cream ideal for quick, on-the-go applications, and well suited for K-Beauty-obsessed millennials and iGens.

Solésence technology-enabled claims:

  • Patented, lightweight fluid instantly evens tone and hides fine lines and wrinkles
  • In a clinical study after one day of use1
    • 100% of users experienced almost a 20% increase in skin’s moisture levels in just one hour
    • 100% of users experienced an immediate reduction in water loss, with 90% maintaining the reduction for 8 hours, demonstrating an improvement in skin’s barrier function
  • Broad-spectrum SPF 40+ sunscreen protects the skin from 99% of UV radiation
  • Pollution Defense Technology reduces pollution-induced free radicals by 85%2
  • The first of its kind, Active Stress Defense Technology boosts anti-oxidant activity by as much as 200%3

Additional marketing claims available:

  • Sustainably produced squalane provides natural moisturization and anti-aging benefits while contributing to eco-conscious branding
  • Water-resistant
  • Water-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Alcohol-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Available untinted or tinted in 6 shades

(1) In-vivo clinical study conducted with 10 subjects

(2) Ex-vivo study using cigarette smoke as model for pollution when exposed to 1MED of UV, using porcine skin model

(3) In-vitro measure of antioxidant activity after being exposed to 2MED of UV

Customize this product by adding claims:

  • Brightening/illuminating, anti-aging through clinical validation
  • Added anti-oxidants