Covid-19 Update - January 5, 2021

As we enter the new year, we carry with us new insights and learnings from the difficult year that is now behind us. We are grateful to our suppliers, our brand partners, and particularly, our employees, who each played a pivotal role in keeping our business fully operational without pause throughout the many challenges of 2020. And, most of all, we are hopeful for the year ahead. While we are eager for the light at the end of the tunnel that has been the Covid-19 pandemic, we are steadfast in our commitment to maintaining the health and safety of all those within our workplace as we work to further our mission to enhance people's lives beyond our front doors.

We continue to follow the safety protocols put in place by our Covid-19 taskforce, and we have implemented the following additional policies:

  • Universal N95/KN95 masking: We upgraded our minimum standard on-site requirement from a 3-ply mask with the option to wear an N95/KN95 mask, to a new requirement of N95/KN95 masks.
  • Face shields: All employees are required to properly wear a face shield in addition to the N95/KN95 mask when in close proximity to others (<6ft>). Face shields are mandatory in Filling/Assembly regardless of proximity.
  • Additional hand sanitization stations: Automated (no touch) hand sanitizer stations have been installed at various location within workspaces.

We continue to adhere to the following practices:

We maintain cGMP cleaning and hygiene practices throughout our facility. These include proper gowning procedures, controlled access to production areas, proper ventilation, maintaining cleaning validations/procedures established to protect product integrity, and of course proper handwashing and sanitization. In addition to these procedures, we have implemented several practices to continue to protect the wellbeing of our community. These include additional cleaning/sanitization at the beginning and end of each shift, an additional product wipe-down step with FDA-approved isopropyl alcohol, universal masking, temperature screenings upon arrival, and social distancing. Office employees continue to work from home whenever possible, we have suspended travel through 2020, and we have implemented a no visitors policy.

Moving forward:

We expect this program to evolve, and we will continue to provide regular updates to our business partners. We remain committed to addressing the challenges this year brings as we work together to enhance people's lives.

For more details on our procedures, or if you have any additional questions, please contact us at

Best regards,

The Solésence Team