Our Technology

Advancing the Science of Healthy Skin

The majority of the visible signs of premature skin aging are caused by the sun – and specifically by ultraviolet (UV) light. The energy from UV light causes skin cells to overexpress melanin, which results in dark spots, blotches, excessive redness, and an uneven skin tone. UV light also generates free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) that attack the collagen, elastin, and lipids in skin, leading to sagging, drooping, and a loss of fullness, creating fine lines and wrinkles. When the UV filters in many sunscreens perform the vital job of absorbing ultraviolet light, formulations with poor stability can lose their integrity and form free radicals. These free radicals can then deactivate antioxidants and other ingredients, including ultraviolet light absorbers, resulting in lipid oxidation and skin damage.

With all of this in mind, we took to the lab and emerged with something groundbreaking: a patented, one-of-a-kind coating that transforms the way zinc oxide and titanium dioxide function. This innovation allows skin care brands that use formulations created by Solésence to reap the benefits of cutting-edge technology. Our formulas empower brands to help consumers keep skin healthy and young-looking through superior environmental protection, an unparalleled ability to quench free radicals, and boosted antioxidant power, all while offering a pleasurable aesthetic experience.


The proprietary coating on our zinc oxide and titanium dioxide creates multifunctional minerals that simultaneously provide UV protection and prevent free radicals from forming. We refer to the prevention of free radical formation as Free Radical Quenching technology. With Free Radical Quenching technology, the formulas we develop for brands help prevent the oxidative stress caused by the sun and other environmental stressors, such as pollution. Solésence Free Radical Quenching technology also helps protect the body’s natural antioxidant system, enabling the skin to retain its nutrients and maintain optimal health. Free Radical Quenching is in part why we refer to the minerals in Solésence as skin care actives – they contribute to improving the appearance of the skin beyond what standard minerals can do.



We understand the importance of protecting the skin from both UVA and UVB radiation. That’s why all of the products we develop for brands provide best-in-class broad-spectrum protection. Solésence minerals offer increased SPF and PFA performance, providing more powerful sun protection than competitive products. Our proprietary coating offers enhanced stability and active mineral protection so you can be confident that the active ingredients in your products will remain potent far longer than the leading competitors.


Many skin care formulas include antioxidants to neutralize reactive oxygen species and free radicals that are created by environmental stressors, such as UV and pollution. However, without enhanced product integrity and stability, these antioxidant-heavy formulations are unable to perform optimally. Through our unique coating, Solésence is able to deliver antioxidant power that enhances the efficacy of vitamins and other skin care actives, boosting their ability to protect collagen and elastin from ROS degradation, prevent lipid oxidation, and contribute to overall skin health. This translates into consumer benefits that include minimizing sagging and wrinkles, and avoiding the dry, thin, and leathery skin that is often a result of environmental stress.



Solésence patented mineral skin care actives also address the aesthetic problems that many people experience with minerals. This includes the ghostly complexion they can cause, and the unpleasant tackiness and heaviness felt in some formulations. Our technology enables us to produce skin care products with increased fluidity, resulting in lighter weight products with smooth and silky textures, and a luxurious appearance on the skin.


We have dedicated over 50 years of combined experience to advancing protective skin care. This experience enables Solésence to offer skin care brands and cosmetics brands the best-in-class skin care solutions that your customers and clients will see as essential care for healthy skin. We invite you to learn more about how our unique technologies are reshaping the skin care industry and revolutionizing how skin care brands and cosmetics brands can grow their businesses through helping their customers protect and maintain healthy skin. Learn more about how to build your brand with Solésence, or try our market-ready, wholesale skin care products today.