Skin Care Professionals

Revolutionary Skin Solutions for Exceptional Patient Care

Part of the primary mission of Solésence is to support dermatologist and skin care professionals in effectively and safely caring for your patients. We seek to do this through the development of scientifically proven, superior skin care innovations that offer unique protective, health, and aesthetic benefits.
Clinically Proven Results

Solésence is clinically proven to provide a novel combination of protective and therapeutic benefits that advance the ability of skin care professionals to improve skin health.

Healthy skin from Solesence
Designed to shield against all ranges of UV, Solésence enhances the defensive characteristics of your patients' skin, shielding against free radical damage to its natural antioxidant system.

The unique ability to quench UV induced free radicals enables Solésence to help in rebuilding the skin's fullness and elasticity through boosting the performance of other skin care actives while providing protecting against the formation of fine lines and an uneven skin tone.


We have dedicated over 50 years of combined experience to advancing protective skin care. This experience enables Solésence to offer skin care brands and cosmetics brands the best-in-class skin care solutions that your customers and clients will see as essential care for healthy skin. We invite you to learn more about how our unique technologies are reshaping the skin care industry.


Solésence is a patented blend of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that is used in premium skin care solutions. Our unique formulation has been clinically proven to be superior to competitive products in many key aspects, including two of the most critical: photostability and dispersibility.


| Creating Protective Antioxidant Effects

Scientific studies have shown that, compared to other market-leading products, products with Solésence provide important protective benefits for patients, including:

  • Photo damage protection for the body’s natural antioxidant system
  • Increased efficiency of other antioxidants commonly used in skin care products
  • Reduction of signs of aging and sun damage including redness, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, and fine lines

Enhanced Dispersibility

| Enabling the Highest Level of Sun Protection

The composition of Solésence offers full spectrum sun protection at a higher level than other natural mineral formulations. In addition, Solésence encourages patient sunscreen application compliance with its non-greasy texture and added aesthetic benefits. Specifically, the enhanced dispersability of Solésence provides:

  • Increased broad spectrum UV protection and higher SPF performance
  • Improved PFA performance
  • Improved appearance on the skin (no oily or greasy residue)