The rise of the mini-ritual and 24-hour beauty

#Beauty consumers today are busy, driven, and on-the-go—and they require their products to fall in line and multitask alongside them. Powerhouse formulas are slotted into mini-rituals that make beauty routines both a quick self-care break and an all-day affair. To stay ahead of this shift in demand, it’s critical to add products with novel innovations so your brand doesn’t lose the cherished shelf space (or purse space) of today’s increasingly minimalist consumers.

A jam-packed, active lifestyle hasn’t kicked beauty products to the curb. Despite the overall trend towards minimalism in home care, fashion, and beauty, consumers are still looking to add high-performance products—as long as they pack a punch. According to recent data from Mintel, 54% of women in the U.S. who use beauty products say they enjoy following a skin care routine, giving beauty products a self-care role in the lives of stressed consumers. Meanwhile in Europe, 51% of Spanish women and 44% of Italian women have added steps to their daily routines in the last 12 months. This means lunchtime treatments, after-work touch-ups, pre-gym boosters, and more.

For products to have long-term success, we recommend that you carve out a niche of the 24-hour beauty cycle and come ready to work—or you risk having your product be a one-time buy. Beauty brands can win with a high-efficacy product paired with a thoughtful product story that addresses your costumers’ top concerns. Show your customers that you understand their needs and can help them achieve their health and beauty goals. Consider:

  • A luxe urban day cream that provides pollution protection with a smooth and glamorous aesthetic
  • A workday companion that provides a well-deserved mini-break—while also protecting against High Energy Visible Light and restoring the moisture and nourishment lost during a typical workday.
  • An active beauty product that maximizes the health benefits of a workout by restoring antioxidants and energizing the skin, making the gym feel just a little bit more fabulous.

Packaging is also key: it should be as simple and elegant as the formulations themselves. Since these on-the-go products will be tossed in a purse, briefcase, glove box, or gym bag, they should be air-tight and quick to apply for an easy and luxurious experience.

Once your brand has a product story that resonates with your customers’ lifestyle, it’s worth shopping around for best-in-class technology to ensure you’re putting out the finest product possible. Consumers are savvy, and the Internet is slammed with product information and ingredient comparisons, so brands are wise to roll out products that really work, so they get quick traction. After that, the sky’s the limit.