What the anti-pollution trend can do for your product line

Should we really care about the impact of pollution on our skin? Here’s what we know. Nearly 10% of all skin care products that launched last year mentioned pollution and UV protection claims, up drastically from roughly 3% in 2013, according to data from Mintel. Meanwhile, well over a dozen new cosmetics ingredients have been introduced into the market with the specific goal of solving the pollution problem.

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SPF, UVA, UVB: What protection do I need?

Though we might not notice it, our bodies feel the effects of UV radiation year-round. Long-wave ultraviolet A rays (UVA) and short-wave ultraviolet B rays (UVB) penetrate the ozone layer and induce a variety of nasty reactions like sunburns and premature skin aging, and they also put us at a higher risk for diseases like skin cancer.

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Are UVA rays making you look old? (Yes.)

Studies conducted over the past 10 years have exposed many harmful effects of long-wave UVA rays and UV-induced free radicals. But what you might not know is that UV rays are also responsible for 80% of premature skin aging, and that nearly all skin aging for lighter-complexioned people under 50 can be attributed to sun or UV exposure. To slow or stop the process of photoaging, consumers must take proper precautions to protect against both UVA and UVB rays.

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Cosmetics and the growing anti-aging skin care market

Consumers know that environmental protection is a critical component of overall wellness. No longer content with baseline SPF claims that help minimize sunburn, modern shoppers look to prevent the harmful effects of environmentally-induced free radicals, including skin discoloration, premature skin aging, and even skin cancer. Skin care and cosmetics products with environmental protection and anti-aging claims are on the rise as consumers seek out skin solutions that will keep them feeling healthy and looking beautiful in the face of UV radiation and other environmental stressors. With the growing buying power of millennials – and the iGeneration not far behind them – these trends aren’t going anywhere.

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