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Our mission is to improve skin health across the globe by providing cosmetic and skin care brands with superior product formulations.

As a group of experts in materials science, physics, and optics with over 50 years of experience developing and manufacturing personal care products for brands, we think differently about cosmetics and skin care. Unlike most private label cosmetic manufacturers and skin care contract manufacturing companies, we have a patented formula that transforms the way mineral sunscreen actives function – enabling us to create one-of-a-kind products that allow your brand to stand out with novel claims that your customers will see as essential care for healthy, glowing skin.


UVA and UVB rays can cause swift and permanent damage to the skin, and more and more, consumers are looking for ways to actively prevent the negative effects of the sun and other environmental stressors. At Solésence, we think that everyone should be able to enjoy carefree time outdoors without worrying about skin damage, early skin aging, and skin cancer, so we have developed the technology to help your customers do just that.

The products that we develop for brands benefit from a one-of-a-kind Free Radical Quenching Technology that protects the skin from environmentally-induced oxidative stress that leads to premature skin aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, a loss of tautness, and uneven skin tone. Our mineral actives are “sealed” with a unique coating that is proven to minimize free radical generation, enhance UV absorption, and boost antioxidant power to protect, treat, and repair the skin. Our patented formulations offer best-in-class UV protection, superior photostability, unparalleled free radical prevention, and enhanced antioxidant performance – allowing your customers to enjoy the benefits of improved skin health and enhanced natural beauty.



We understand the importance of safety and transparency in product development. Elements like ingredient selection, materials traceability, and regulatory compliance are critical to consumer health and safety as well as to the success of your brand. Solésence patented mineral skin care products are formulated using sunscreen actives produced in our FDA registered Chicagoland facility, where we have been producing mineral sunscreen actives – including the leading zinc oxide sunscreen active – to the personal care industry for the last 20 years. To empower product and brand success, Solésence manufactures products on a turn-key basis. We also guarantee that all Solésence products are cruelty-free, and we are proudly listed on PETA’s “Beauty Without Bunnies” database. We focus on ensuring that your product complies with the current regulatory and safety requirements, including manufacturing and packaging under FDA's cGMP standards, so you can focus on growing your brand.


We offer brands two options in working with us: choose our market-ready, white label solutions, which follow the latest consumer trends, or opt for custom product development, which will allow us to create a product that fits with your brand’s story. Either way, you’ll benefit from our cutting-edge technology and our patented formula, which allows your brand to stand out with best-in-class skin care products that offer top environmental protection claims.

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